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November Report

Nevada Monthly Report, November 2013

AAUW Nevada Reaches Out!

This month in Nevada was all about reaching out to other groups. As branches busily prepare for winter and holiday fundraisers and social events, our state organizer, Katherine Yelle, was building relationships with a number of new groups.  Katherine met with UNLV’s multicultural program and will returning to give a talk about AAUW on campus in January.  She also met with the Nevada Institute for Children’s Research and Policy, and Nevadans for the Common Good.  Additionally, Katherine joined PLAN and ProgressNow for a roundtable discussion about the minimum wage with Congressman Steven Horsford.

AAUW Nevada in the Media!

We were in the paper!  After Len Semas made some unfortunate remarks about working women causing social problems, AAUW of Nevada felt compelled to respond.  Katherine worked with State President Joyce Destefanis and the state board to draft a letter in response to the sexist comments.  The letter was submitted to the Reno Journal Gazette and published on November 25th under the headline, “Take a Stand Against Real Women’s Problems.” We can only hope he takes our advice!

Equal Pay Anniversaries Coming Up!

How can you help the pay equity movement?

How can you help the pay equity movement?

2014 is going to be a big year for the pay equity movement.  On   January 29th, we mark the 5th anniversary of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.  Then on April 8th, we commemorate Equal Pay Day, the symbolic anniversary of when women’s annual wages catch up to men’s.  Finally, on July 2nd, we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  As we gear up for this series of events, Katherine is collecting stories of pay inequity or pay equality.  If you have something you can share, please contact her at!

Save the Date!

  • December 14th,  Boulder City Home Tour and Las Vegas Gala and Silent Auction
  • January 25th,  Partisan vs. Political workshop, Northern Nevada
  • June 6th- 8th,  Rocky Mountain Regional Conference, Reno

Political vs. Partisan: In the fall of 2013, Democrats and Republicans failed to pass a budget and the federal government shut down for over 2 weeks.  In early July of 1804, Democratic-Republican Aaron Burr shot and killed Federalist Alexander Hamilton in a duel.  Are these often costly and sometimes bloody conflicts about politics or is it all just partisanship?  What’s the difference anyway?

AAUW is a non-partisan organization that supports women. Our work is political, but it is not partisan.  This workshop will focus on explaining the two terms in order to distinguish between what activities are political, and which ones are partisan.  We will also explore how our values influence our work, and where the line between partisan and political lies.  We will talk about issues, where candidates fit in, and real world examples of non-partisan political issues.

This workshop will help us develop strategies and guidelines for working together regardless of party affiliation.  Only when we stand united can we empower and advocate for women and girls.

AAUW Nevada on the Web!

As we gear up for 2014, AAUW of Nevada is using technology to reach out to members and non-members.  You can soon expect to see AAUW of Nevada action alerts in your email in-box!  These will help you take action on important issues in a variety of ways: by signing a petition, contacting your legislators, and writing letters to the editor.

In just a month, our Facebook page is up to 85 “likes” and our Twitter account has 25 followers!  If you have content to share, or your branch has a special event or meeting coming up, please pass that information on to Katherine and she will ensure it gets posted.

Small Efforts Lead to Big Pay Offs

November was a big month for AAUW Nevada! We reached out to new groups and organizations, asked a Congressman what he was willing to do to make sure working mothers earn a fair wage, and were in the paper standing up for our values.  That’s impressive!  It happened because members were willing to give just a little bit of their time – whether it be to proofread a letter, or send on contact information.   When we are responsive and accountable to each other, we can make great things happen. Let’s keep it up!

ValerieMcNayGiving Thanks

Katherine would like to thank Valerie McNay for continually opening her Boulder City home.  Valerie goes out of her way to make sure Katherine has a place to work and feels right at home when she visits Nevada.  It is very much appreciated!

October Report

Nevada Monthly Report, October 2013

Coalitions, and Allies, and Partners, Oh My!

Boulder City gets together

Boulder City gets together

This month was all about coalitions and allies for AAUW Nevada.  One of our goals as a state is to increase the number of coalitions and allies we work with.  We also want to do more with our C/U partners.

In Boulder City this month, the branch welcomed the new Executive Director for Progress Now Nevada, Annette Magnus-Marquart.  Annette shared the work that Progress Now Nevada is doing around AAUW policy priorities.  This includes new reports on the wage gap and service workers as well as the importance of the federal courts and stalled judicial nominations.  Both these issues impact Nevada women, and we’re happy to hear others are concerned about them as well.

In Las Vegas there are exciting meetings going on with C/U partner UNLV.  We are incredibly lucky to have such a fantastic institution in our state, and the Las Vegas branch is excited to work with young women trying to enter STEM fields!  We’re just now beginning to meet with faculty and students to determine how we can be most helpful, but we’ll keep you posted on where this partnership goes!

Regional Conferences and Organizer Visits

Locals were on hand to welcome Katherine.

Locals were on hand to welcome Katherine.

Planning is well underway for the AAUW Rocky Mountain Regional Conference.  The theme is Western Women: Beyond the Wagon Train.  It will be held in Reno, June 6-8.  Duties are being divided among the branches: Las Vegas and Boulder City will take care of registration and greeting, Fallon is responsible for packets,   Capital is preparing the programs, Tahoe/Nevada is handling the reception, and Reno is partnering with Sparks to take care of logistics.

The conference will be held in charming downtown Reno at the Siena.  More reports will come as the details are finalized.

One detail that we do know is our state organizer, Katherine Yelle, will be on hand to provide workshops.  Katherine visited with members in southern Nevada this month.  She came up from Flagstaff to meet with the Boulder City branch and the Las Vegas board.  Katherine held one on one meetings with several leaders and was on hand for both the Progress Now meeting with Annette and a meeting at UNLV with Dean Venkat.  She followed up with the Director of Multicultural Programming at UNLV, Joanna Jezierska, and is working with faculty to put the Las Vegas branch in touch with UNLV’s Society of Women Engineers.

Custom Workshops Coming Up!

UpcomingCalendarLast month our state organizer worked with leaders in the North on one-on-one meetings.  The training was helpful and informative for members.  In November, Katherine will return to southern Nevada to provide the same training for members from Boulder City and Las Vegas.  Not only will we become better communicators with each other, we’ll be better equipped to meet with legislators and community members when we need to.

Also on tap is a brand new, custom workshop designed by Katherine for Nevada on the differences between being partisan and being political.

AAUW is a non-partisan organization that does political work.  However, where is the line between partisan and political?  How do our shared values inform our political work?

What are the dos and don’ts of non-partisan work?  All that and more will be answered.  The workshop will debut in the North January 25, 2014 and follow up in the South after that.

SocialMediaSalsa & Social Media Update

RegionalConferenceAs of this month AAUW is on Facebook!  You can find us at  Please send any upcoming events or branch news to Katherine,, and she will share it with the world.  You do not need a Facebook page or account to view the AAUW NV Facebook page, so even if you’re not a regular user of the social media site please stop on by the page and check it out.  For members who are on Facebook, it would be great if you could “like” our page and share it with your friends.  We’re excited that we have this new, free, easy, way to reach out to members and the public!  If anyone would like to help with social media outreach or has a suggestion for its use, please send those along to Katherine as well.

Member Spotlight

Laura (center) laughing with other members.

Laura (center) laughing with other members.

A big shout out this month goes to Boulder City branch member and e-student affiliate Laura Hutton!  Laura not only readily volunteers to help the branch with all of their usual activities and fundraisers, she also takes on new projects.  Laura was quick to offer to investigate how AAUW Boulder City can address local childhood poverty issues.  She is also working on building a relationship with the College of Southern Nevada.  Go Laura!

September Report

Nevada Monthly Report, September 2013

                AAUW of Nevada is getting started for the year with inaugural branch meetings.  Interest groups, bridge clubs, and hiking groups are also underway across the state.  Not just book clubs and opportunities to share meals, from Carson City to Reno to Las Vegas, members are meeting to discuss the important issues of our time: immigration reform, civil rights, and reclaiming women’s history in Nevada.

We also welcomed our new AAUW Nevada State Organizer this month.  Katherine joins us from Flagstaff, Arizona.  She has a background in philosophy, women’s studies, and grassroots community work focused on immigration issues.  A longtime resident of the southwest, Katherine is thrilled to be working with AAUW Nevada.  When Katherine isn’t talking with AAUW members, she enjoys mountain biking, skiing, and really good food.

            We had our first of many visits with the new State Organizer, Katherine.  September 26th through the 28th, Katherine stopped by the Reno area to meet with leaders and provide some training and offer advice on membership recruitment.  She’ll swing through the southern parts of our state October 21st and 22nd to work with members on a variety of subjects including Title IX and C/U partnerships.  Katherine will collaborate with members from around the state to strengthen the communication between our branches, and continue working together in meaningful ways. Recently, she and Julie Davies from the Las Vegas branch put their heads together and developed a presentation on AAUW of Nevada for the NAACP tri-state conference, and it looks like we should get some new members!

This promises to be an exciting year for AAUW of Nevada.  We will be hosting the AAUW Rocky Mountain Regional Conference in Reno this June.  In addition, our members are working with others in our community on Nevada Women’s Legacy: 150 Years of Excellence. This multifaceted history of women’s contributions to our state will include video clips, diaries, memorabilia, exhibits and more.  It is being done to celebrate 150 years of awesome women in Nevada. Here’s to a 150 more!