September Report

Nevada Monthly Report, September 2013

                AAUW of Nevada is getting started for the year with inaugural branch meetings.  Interest groups, bridge clubs, and hiking groups are also underway across the state.  Not just book clubs and opportunities to share meals, from Carson City to Reno to Las Vegas, members are meeting to discuss the important issues of our time: immigration reform, civil rights, and reclaiming women’s history in Nevada.

We also welcomed our new AAUW Nevada State Organizer this month.  Katherine joins us from Flagstaff, Arizona.  She has a background in philosophy, women’s studies, and grassroots community work focused on immigration issues.  A longtime resident of the southwest, Katherine is thrilled to be working with AAUW Nevada.  When Katherine isn’t talking with AAUW members, she enjoys mountain biking, skiing, and really good food.

            We had our first of many visits with the new State Organizer, Katherine.  September 26th through the 28th, Katherine stopped by the Reno area to meet with leaders and provide some training and offer advice on membership recruitment.  She’ll swing through the southern parts of our state October 21st and 22nd to work with members on a variety of subjects including Title IX and C/U partnerships.  Katherine will collaborate with members from around the state to strengthen the communication between our branches, and continue working together in meaningful ways. Recently, she and Julie Davies from the Las Vegas branch put their heads together and developed a presentation on AAUW of Nevada for the NAACP tri-state conference, and it looks like we should get some new members!

This promises to be an exciting year for AAUW of Nevada.  We will be hosting the AAUW Rocky Mountain Regional Conference in Reno this June.  In addition, our members are working with others in our community on Nevada Women’s Legacy: 150 Years of Excellence. This multifaceted history of women’s contributions to our state will include video clips, diaries, memorabilia, exhibits and more.  It is being done to celebrate 150 years of awesome women in Nevada. Here’s to a 150 more!