2015 NCCWSL Report – Steffini Amezquita

I am so thankful to the AAUW Nevada for giving me the chance to attend the NCCWSL conference in College Park, Maryland! At this conference I was able to meet hundreds of people from every single walk of life, and I have made life long friends! Every day we had a different keynote speaker, and my favorite was Maysoon Zayid. I had seen her TedTalk before the conference, so to meet this inspirational women was incredible! There were also many incredible workshops to choose from. Through these workshops I learned how to manage stress, accept cultural differences, and raise sexual assault awareness on my campus.

I have taken away so much from this conference. It taught me that I can do whatever I set my mind to, and how important it is to always support your peers. There was never a time during those four days where anyone talked down to anyone, and it is in that type of supportive environment that a person will thrive. I will now finish up my senior year at UNR as a more empowered woman. Then, thanks to the grad-school fair that NCCSWL put on, I have found my dream school, and I plan on attending SIT graduate institute within the next few years!  

Steffini and NCCWSL Friends Steffini & Maysoon Zayid