AAUW Urges Support of ERA

At the Nevada Women’s Lobby Lunch Lecture, February 1, 2022, I had the pleasure of hearing AmyJo Conroy, an Attorney from Illinois, advocate for the ERA Passage, AAUW member, and author of “Equal,” a coloring book delivered to Illinois legislators in 2018.  (FYI, this is an excellent organization and partner you can find out more at Nevada Women’s Lobby.)

As we are all aware, the battle for the passage of this important legislation has been a long one, and many younger women have lost sight of its importance and are not aware of how many inequalities still exist.  This link, What Changes – Vote Equality! 28th Amendment (Equal Rights), has some interesting information about the 28th Amendment and what it means in everyday lives.

The discussion was about the current lawsuit and the importance of support for it, as well as passage of the 28th Amendment.  The current situation is that in 2020 Virginia became the 38th state to ratify the ERA (75% of states are required).  The National Archivist received the certification and was to take a ceremonial step of publishing it in the National Register.  He was sued, and on advice of the Attorney General (William Barr) was not to publish it until the court orders such action.  This is currently under appeal in the District of Columbia Appellate Court.  A link to the history, information and details of the briefs can be found here:  Virginia v Ferriero – Vote Equality!

On a more local level, nothing could be more important than our efforts to educate Nevadans, get them to the polls and support the passage of Nevada’s ERA, which is on the November 2022 General Election Ballot.  This is the third and final step in the process of amending our state constitution.  The legislature has passed it, and the final step is the Ballot question before the voters of Nevada.

What can you do?  As an individual supporter it is vital that you continue to educate your friends, neighbors, and networks.

Assist our state organization in efforts to educate the public, participate with partners in voter forums, voting guides, or polling.

Volunteer now: nicholas89451@gmail.com  or 775.843.0775

Submitted by Deborah Nicholas, Public Policy Chair, AAUW Nevada