AAUW NV’S State Council approved a measure to sponsor a young woman college student to attend the NCCWSL every year. In 2015, Steffini Amezquita, a student at UNR, was chosen and attended the conference. Steffini wrote about her experiences at the conference this year. Click here to read her article. (Read about the NCCWSL Conference.)

In order to continue sponsoring a young woman to the NCCWSL Conference, funds need to be raised. AAUW NV has two fund-raisers and will be planning on developing more to provide this scholarship.

One of the fundraisers that we have is selling notecards. These notecards feature artwork of AAUW NV members. We have many notecards to sell but find that sales have dropped dramatically. If we sold all the notecards we could pay for a young woman to attend the conference for the next two conferences. The notecards make fine gifts to your hairdresser, your housekeeper, your manicurist, the dog sitter, and your aunt, mother or mother in-law and on and on. Some branches are using the notecards as gifts to the speakers at their general meetings. If every member in the State of Nevada were to buy just two boxes of notecards every year (a cost of just $30), we would have the funds we need for the sponsorship of a young woman for the next two NCCWSL conferences. Each branch has some notecards. Please do buy some cards and help send a young woman to this valuable conference.

The other fundraiser that AAUW NV promotes is the selling of Nevada Empowerment Pins. Claudia Hoffer, a Reno Branch member, designed these lovely pins. AAUW members of other states have also bought them because the Nevada Empowerment pin is a universal AAUW pin. These pins can be used as an additional presidential pin. What a gracious way to reward a branch member for special service–to give that person a Nevada Empowerment Pin! A member in each Nevada branch does have a pin. Do ask the members in your branch who has a pin, view it and hopefully move to buy one for yourself.

Please email AAUW Nevada if you want to purchase notecards or empowerment pins. Your support will help build the fund for scholarships for young women to attend NCCWSL. The AAUW NV State Council and the young college women appreciate your support.