AAUW Public Policy Impact Grants

AAUW Public Policy Impact Grants are awarded to selected state organizations in support of their grassroots efforts around AAUW’s member-voted public policy priorities.  Impact grant funds can be used in a variety of ways and are intended to provide grantees with resources to pursue efforts that would otherwise be challenging to accomplish. Past impact grants have been directed toward voter education and registration efforts, database usage, necessary materials costs, and more.

AAUW Nevada Receives 2015-2016 Grant

AAUW Nevada is one of 9 state organizations to receive a grant from AAUW to conduct equal pay activities. Our goals are to:

  • Build support for the future passage of an pay equity bill by:
    • establishing relationships with Nevada legislators who support pay equity and ascertaining how AAUW Nevada can assist in creating and passing legislation
    • creating a voter guide to inform Nevada voters on the pay equity position of each legislator and candidate
  • Build a strong coalition of like-minded Nevada organizations to help in our pursuit of pay equity legislation

AAUW Nevada Receives 2011-2012 Grant

AAUW Nevada was one of 15 state organizations that was awarded a grant from AAUW to:

    • educate millenial women voters regarding AAUW’s public policy issues
    • register women voters
    • get women voters to the polls

As part of the grant, we hosted a monthly “Cocktails and Convos” event at 5:30PM on the second Monday of each month through October 2012 (Wild River Grill on the Riverwalk in Reno, 180 S. Virginia Street).  Members were encouraged to bring their young friends to enjoy appetizers and participate in a happy hour dedicated to talking about issues that matter!