Fallon Branch

About Us

Since the AAUW Fallon Branch was first chartered in April 1941, our members have been dedicated to promoting community-focused education endeavors primarily for women, but also for men. After disbanding the branch in 1949, a group of devoted women re-chartered it in 1964. Our branch continues to have a small but dedicated group of volunteers. We are extremely passionate about providing high school graduates with a scholarship to help them advance their career goals.

Our branch raises funds for these scholarships by hosting community fundraising events:

  • Annual Christmas Candy Sale – featuring a wide variety of homemade candy including fudge, peanut brittle, toffee, and divinity.
  • January/New Year’s lunch/business meeting – attendees participate in a White Elephant Sale and Silent Auction.
  • March/April – the branch stages a Film Festival and Dessert Extravaganza.

Monthly meetings typically occur on the second Saturday of each month and highlight local community service groups and community leaders. The May meeting honors a Community Woman of the Year, an AAUW Fallon Member of the Year and the scholarship recipient(s).

AAUW Fallon also has a book discussion group that meets the third Tuesday of each month.

Annual dues are $80 ($67 national, $9 State, $4 Branch). Payable to AAUW Fallon and sent to AAUW Fallon Treasurer, 2928 Peachtree Road, Fallon, NV 89405.

For more information contact: ccroeder@charter.net


Carol Roeder:  President, Treasurer, Communications

Janette Miller:  Secretary

Julie King:  Public Policy

AAUW Fallon Board:  Program