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AAUW Nevada 2024 Convention

Spotlight on Sex Trafficking

Red Means Stop: Survivorship & Advocacy

Saturday, April 27 @ 10 AM to 12:30 PM via Zoom

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AAUW notes that human trafficking is one of the “fastest growing criminal activities in the world.” In Nevada, more than 5,000 individuals are sold online every month, and 70% of human trafficking involves sexual exploitation. Sex trafficking is present in every Nevadan community, harming people of all ages, genders, orientations, and socio economic status.

This year’s event will inform, inspire, and call us to take action to prevent and stop sex trafficking, and to support survivors in reclaiming their lives.


10:00 AM — Welcome

10:10 AM — Host City Presentation, Patricia Cuocco, President, AAUW Capital

10:25 AM — Update on Board of Regents & Voting for State Council, Regent Carol Del Carlo

10:55 AM — Keynote Address: Annie Lobert, Pink Chair

11:35 AM — Facilitated Q&A with Annie

11:55 AM — Break

12:00 PM — Trafficking  Prevention Initiatives, Eliza McCoy, AHLA Foundation

12:20 Wrap Up & Closing

Keynote Speaker: Annie Lobert, CEO & Founder, Pink Chair

Annie will share her journey as a survivor of sex trafficking, raise awareness of the myths and facts of sexual exploitation, and help us understand how we can advocate for and ally with survivors.


Eliza McCoy, VP of Awareness and Prevention Programs, AHLA Foundation

Ms. McCoy will speak about how the Hospitality Industry is preventing sex trafficking in hotels across the country with the “No Room for Trafficking” program, and how their new grant fund is helping to support survivors.

Carol Del Carlo, NSHE Board of Regents, District 9

Prior to shining the spotlight on Sex Trafficking, we’ll convene to vote for AAUW Nevada 2024 – 2026 state council officers. We’re delighted to hear from Regent Carol Del Carlo, also a Past President of AAUW Tahoe-Nevada, who will provide a brief update on the constitutional and legislative issues regarding the Board of Regents.

 AAUW Where We Stand: Human Trafficking

“AAUW believes that global interdependence requires national and international policies against human trafficking and that promote peace, justice, human rights, sustainable development, and mutual security for all people.”



AAUW Nevada Workshop:

“Trauma in Today’s World & What To Do About It”

Wednesday, April 3, 2024 @ 12 to 1 PM PDT via Zoom

Recognizing and acknowledging trauma in ourselves and others is becoming increasingly important for effective allyship. This workshop will help us understand what it means to be “trauma-informed” and how to better support and communicate with folks who have experienced trauma. Although a standalone event, the workshop will offer insight into the sex trafficking content that will be presented at our Annual Convention (see below).


AAUW Capital and AAUW Nevada Present”

“An Evening with Nevada Supreme Court Justice Patricia Lee”

Tuesday, March 5th @ 6 to 7 PM via Zoom

In conjunction with AAUW Capital Branch, AAUW Nevada is excited to welcome Nevada Supreme Court Justice Patricia Lee. Appointed by former Governor Sisolak, Justice Lee joined the Court in November 2022. She is the first African American woman and the first Asian American woman to serve as a Nevada Supreme Court Justice. Justice Lee will share her inspiring personal and professional journey to our state’s highest court, speak about women entering the field of law in Nevada, and offer insights related to state and federal legal issues.