President’s Message

 Welcome to AAUW Nevada! AAUW Nevada is an affiliate of AAUW (national). Thank you for being a member of AAUW. Whether you are a member at the local Branch level OR an AAUW member-at-large, your AAUW Nevada is here to serve you.

As you know, the purpose (mission) of AAUW is to advance equity for women and girls through research, education and advocacy. AAUW Nevada is a nonprofit membership organization, We are governed by a State Council (minimum of 5 and maximum of 9 members). Council members serve for a term of two years. The Council is elected by the AAUW Nevada members. Nevada’s State Council then designates elected Council members to serve for individual offices – specifically, Administrator/President, Financial Officer and Secretary. Other elected Council members fulfill all other functions and duties needed to run Nevada AAUW.

AAUW Nevada adopted a Strategic Plan in September 2020.  The Council determined that our main strategy (or purpose) is to facilitate communication between National, State and Branches; to create partnerships and to advance AAUW priorities. You can access a copy of the Strategic Plan.

Summary of AAUW Nevada accomplishments in the 2020-21 fiscal year:

  1. Adopted the 2020-2022 Strategic Plan
  2. Met via ZOOM with US Senator Catherine Cortez-Masto and Nevada Lt. Governor, Kate Marshall on Women’s Equality Day – August 26, 2020.
  3. Held a member forum (via Zoom) to discuss AAUW’s proposed bylaws change. Facilitated by AAUW Board Member, Shaila Rao Mistry.
  4. Sponsored a successful AAUW Nevada State Conference (via Zoom) on April 17, 2021. Theme – The Path to Equity – Featured speakers & topics: Shaila Rao Mistry, “Equity through Diversity & Inclusion”; Melody Rose, Chancellor, NSHE, “Equity through Education”, Assemblywoman Jill Tolles and Senator Pat Spearman – “Equity through Legislation.”
  5. Sent monthly email updates regarding these activities to the AAUW Branch Presidents and solicited their opinions as the programs were being developed.
  6. Sponsored a young woman to attend the National NCWWSL Conference in Baltimore, MD in May, 2021.

What does AAUW Nevada have planned for the 2021-2022 fiscal year?

  1. AAUW Nevada held a conversation with US Senator Jacky Rosen on October 19, 2021. Our Zoom meeting included updates on federal legislation dealing with AAUW priorities as well as Senator Rosen’s bipartisan efforts.
  2. AAUW Nevada will be sponsoring a statewide discussion on Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI) in January 2022.
  3. A nominating committee is developing a roster of AAUW members willing to serve on the AAUW Nevada Council for the 2022-24 term of office. Elections to be held in Spring 2022.
  4. AAUW Nevada is planning a statewide Spring Convention, tentatively scheduled for April 23, 2022. Suggestions for topics and speakers encouraged!

Thank you for YOUR support of AAUW Nevada and your local Branch and AAUW!

YOUR input, comments and feedback are encouraged. Please send your comments to