Public Policy

“AAUW’s Public Policy Priorities, adopted every two years by every-member vote, establish the federal action issues on which AAUW members across the country focus their advocacy efforts and guide the work of the national staff. States and branches should also use the Public Policy Priorities to inform their advocacy efforts on state and local issues.”

Highlights of these priorities include working toward goals of:

Protecting the civil rights of all individuals and opposing all forms of discrimination

Supporting high quality public education for all individuals

Promoting the economic, social, and physical well-being of all persons

Protecting the rights to privacy and freedom from violence

Link to the 2021–23 AAUW Public Policy Priorities, Adopted May 2021, full text at: Link to Complete National Priority Document for 2021-2021)

Advocacy Tools and Resources are available at Advocacy Toolkit.

AAUW Action Network and Two-Minute Activist Tool: The cornerstone of AAUW’s advocacy efforts, Action Network sends subscribers urgent email notices when their advocacy is needed most.

Two-Minute Activist online tool allows you to quickly contact your legislators and make your voice heard. Anyone with an email address can subscribe.

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Quick Facts: AAUW compiles current information and advocacy resources on issues related to our Public Policy Priorities to provide resources that offer rigorous analysis and most effective avenues for action. For updated position papers and quick facts on AAUW’s priority issues, visit the AAUW Issues webpage.